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AIM Chemicals Inc. provides a complete line of accessories to meet the needs of our customers.

Auto Scent Wafer
Black Chassis Paint
Blade Holders
Blow Guns
Bucket Grates
Buffing Arbors
Bug Sponges
Buyers Guides
California Squeeges
Carpet Mak
Cloth Towels
DeWalt Buffers
Disposable Gloves
Drum Pumps
Extractors and Accessories
Floor Mats
Gilmour Tank Sprayers
Hair Stones
Heat Guns
Hydrominder Meter systems
Key Rings
Key Tags
Knit Gloves
Lexol Leather treatment
Masking Tape
Meguiars Products
Microfiber Towels
Milwaukee Sure Shot Sprayers
Odor Eliminators
Paper Towels
Porter Cable D/A
Razor Blades
Scratch Eliminator Pens
Scrub Pads
Seat Covers
Secondary Bottles
SEM Dyes
Spray Paints
Steel Wool
Stock Stickers
Tag Bolts
Tanners Leather treatment
Tire Dressing Applicators
Vacuum Hoses and nozzles
Velcro Backer Plates
Wash Mitts
Water hoses
Water Nozzles
Wax Applicators
Window Stickers
Windshield Towels
Windshield Washer Fluid

Please contact us for more information on any accessories you are interested in.

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